It is a joy to discover and bring to life all things that make a home unique. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes helps to make it the home you truly envision.  Whether it is one room that isn’t just right or a full redecoration, our goal is to make your home your sanctuary – all while working within your budget and time constraints. 

Loren Powell is a proven results-oriented real estate veteran, formally with Sudler Sothebys in Chicago, Illinois.  With her keen eye & over thirty years of experience in staging, sales, multiple renovations and all that is real estate, she knows how to get things done.  Moving to Lago Vista, Texas has allowed her to revisit what she loves most about homes and how you live in them. Her unique talent and style allowing for form and function to culminate in the home has lead to the creation of nook + nest.  She is ready to put your home in the #1 priority spot.

Kirsten Stoddard, Loren’s daughter, is eager to help you define your style the way you always wanted & knew it to be.  A BA in Communications from Los Angeles-based Loyola Marymount University led her to a background in marketing and pr, in addition to dabbling in graphic design. Constantly pulling inspiration from the fashion and interior design industries for both work and play, Kirsten believes each home is an extension  and personal expression of its’ inhabitants.  With her keen aesthetic, she enjoys translating your personal style into your home in a way that is fresh and forward-thinking.