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An Ikea Rug Gets A Moorish Makeover

{via Ikea Hackers}

Such a brilliant idea on how to customize the look of an inexpensive Ikea rug.....all you need is a stencil and some paint! Head on over to Ikea Hackers for the how-to!


DIY Pallet Projects

I think repurposing furniture is always a great thing...especially when the item in question isn't really even furniture to begin with! Here is a small sampling of some people that have brought the pallet into their homes and made it into a spectacular and rustic piece. What do you guys think? Are pallets a DIY do or don't?

{via Far Out Flora}

{via Stylizimo}

{via Norsk Interior Blogger}


DIY String Pendant

{via Pickles}

By now, most of you have seen that famous whirled string pendant (designed by Bertjan Pot for Moooi and available for purchase at DWR) in shelter mags, design shops, or deco blogs. There was a sushi place near our apartment in Boston that had a bunch of them dangling from the ceiling, and I just loved them! I found this super creative DIY on how to get the look on your own...and please keep in mind, this is a VERY messy project!


DIY Fabric-Covered Framed Cork Board

We made these pretty pinboards to go in our office, and it really is a lot of fun posting all our inspirations on it. We were so thrilled we the results, we just had to share it with you all!
Gather your materials.
Old Wood Frames
Wood Filler
Dusting Cloth
Mask & Gloves
Spray Primer
Spray Paint
Plastic Drop Cloth
Cork (we got ours here)
Thin Plywood
Table Saw (optional)
Exacto Knife
Staple Gun
Measuring Tape
Fill any dings or holes with wood filler to ensure a smooth surface.
Sand and dust off the frame. Lay down the plastic drop cloth, and apply the primer.  We didn’t prime it because we are naughty. Why is priming important? It provides an even surface for the paint to go on to, so it is uniform and won’t peel. Ours is still looking good though, so no complaints on our end. But still… we must prime next time. Let dry.
Now bust open that spray paint – we chose our signature persimmon-ish red – and get to work! Read the instructions on the can for the proper technique.  In our case, getting to work consisted of taking photos of my dear pops working. You are the best, dad….thanks a million.
Lift the frame up on whatever you have handy – we used paint cans – to get the edges, and let dry. Fuss and fawn over how good it is already looking.
Measure your frame opening, and trace it on the plywood. Cut it out using a table saw. You can also bring your measurements to most huge home improvement stores, and they will do the chopping for you.
Note: I have seen some people skip the wood backing and just glue the cork straight into the frame…we wanted to make sure no pins when through the cork and scratched the wall, so we took the extra precaution with the wood backing.
Hot glue the cork to the plywood, and carefully trim off the extra using your knife.
The goal is to still have all ten digits after this project, so I will reiterate – be careful when cutting the excess cork.
Hey, look how good it’s coming along! Now, you can stop here, staple gun this into the frame, and keep the cork in its natural state….but not at nook+nest, oh no. We are going the extra mile and upholstering it with linen. So onward we march.
STEP 10:
Iron your fabric so it is wrinkle-free, and lay it out flat on a table. Place the cork/plywood panel on top of it so that the cork and fabric are touching. Trim the fabric about an inch or two beyond the edge of the panel. Staple gun the left side, right side, top, then bottom.
Note: You can also spray mount or hot glue thinner fabric to the cork, but we opted for the staples in case we wanted to change the fabric out for some reason. Decorators like to keep things feeling fresh, after all. ;)
STEP 11:
Place the upholstered board in the frame, and use staples to secure it to the frame.
STEP 12:
TADA!!! A custom fabric-upholstered cork board in a beautiful frame.


Paint Swatch Boxes

When I was a little kid, trips to the home improvement store with mom and dad were neither rare nor all that fun. The only aisle I found solace in after listening to my parents drone on and on about lumber, caulk, and power tools? The paint aisle. I remember going through the store, eagerly waiting until I stumbled upon that rainbowed heaven. I think my obsession was almost borderline hoardy, plucking tons of swatches from their neatly organized boxes then laying them all out in an ombre style when I got home. I wish I had known about this cute DIY project from How About Orange back then....head on over to her site for the how-to!

xo Kir