Nook + Nest  operates in Austin, Texas and the surrounding suburbs. Services include:

  • Decorating on a budget
  • Repurposing old furniture
  • Staging homes for sale
  • Design consultations
  • Floral arrangements

The benefits of working with Nook + Nest:

  • Creative Custom Design: Decorating and staging can be overwhelming and perplexing.  Decision after decision, we help you avoid costly mistakes and create a cohesive design tailored for your lifestyle.  A custom plan is developed just for you, and we will provide you with a design board to illustrate the new interior scheme.
  • A Referral Network:  We know how and where to start navigating a market flooded with overwhelming choices to get you exactly what you want. We work with competitively priced independent contractors with a history of good results who will respect you and your home.
  • Good Organization & Communication: Clear and concise communication via phone and email is essential during the design process.  Our custom worksheets help us realize your goals, clarify our shared vision, and allow us to track the project and budget from start to finish.
  • Flexibility:  We know you are busy, and that life sometimes gets in the way of turning the home you have into the home you want. We respect your time, and our service plans are specially designed so you can determine just how hands on or off you want or need us to be.  
  • Professionalism: We like to consider ourselves straight shooters – we don’t lie, steal, cheat or go AWOL after starting a project. If there is a problem, we will try our best to make it right. We ask that you extend us the same courtesy.